Localization Projects Management Framework

Localisation is a complex process. Localisation involves many steps (Project Management,Translation, Review, Quality Assurance etc) , many languages and many challenges (e.g. Right to left languages, simshipment, large volume etc). Different components (i.e. software tools) have been developed to address different needs and issues of the localisation process. In order to define an optimized and automated localisation workflow, these tools have to be integrated together in an effective manner. Interoperability is the key to successful integration. However, interoperability is one of the most challenging problems in the localisation field today.

GIST-Connect was developed to seamlessly integrate different localisation components together. It has a built-in workflow engine that will automate the operation of individual components. GIST-Connect is fully XLIFF compliant and it comes with a very simple API.

GIST-Connect connects different components together while managing assets belonging to those components. It will automate the localisation tasks as much as possible. GIST-Connect is ideal for SMEs who cannot afford high cost associated with the localisation process.

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